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Transfering UFH PipeWork License
How to Export (return) ann activated perpetual UFH PipeWork licence to the LM Server and how to Import (activate) it on another computer

Functions necessary to manage Perpetual License can be found in the pull-down section of Common Tools ribbon panel:

Export License to LM Server

This function assumes you have a working (activated) Perpetual License on your computer.
Now you want to return your Licence Key (representing a License) back to the License Manager (LM) Server to enable importing it to another computer by yourself OR you want to make it available for another collegue.

The command first displays a warning dialog with the License Key you will send back to the LM Server.
(For the case later you want to import it back.)
Answering "Yes" to the "Continue?" question will perform exporting and send another message about successfull exportation:


Import License from LM Server

This function assumes that

  1. You have installed UFH PipeWork Add-in on your computer but you cannot use the program because you have no "Activated"  Perpetual License on the LM Server.
    May be you used the program in Trial mode but your 15 days trial period has expired.
  2. You have received a valid 36 digits long Licence Key to the program from the Developer (in email) or from somebody (License Owner) who has bought the application in one or more copies and got one or more Licence Keys

The command displyas the Import License dialog wher you have to enter (type in or copy-paste) the License Key you want to activate on your computer:

In case the License Key were free (not acticated by another user), you will get the next message:

In case the License Key you entered is currently used (activated) on another computer, you will get the next message:

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