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UFH PipeWork
Extremely fast design and calculation tool to produce UFH (Under Floor Heating) Circuits in Rooms connected to Manifold(s)

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UFH PipeWork LogoHörcsik CAD's UFH PipeWork is an AutoCAD add-in.
Its current version can be used with 2015 and 2016 version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, AutoCAD MEP and other verticals.


Circuit Boundaries - solving of regular pipe works

Parametric Circuit Boundary (CB) object extremely accelerates drawing of "regular" pipe works.

After closing the boundary CB immediately displays its associative Spiral, Serpentine or Double Serpentine type pipe work according to the "drawing defaults" set on the global Settings panel.

This pipework follows all vertex or edge modification of hosting boundary and also parameter changes made on Properties panel. Moving special grips of "Entry points" and "Grid origin" or rotating of "Main direction" invokes real-time changes of associative pipe work so required layout can be achieved within seconds even in case of most complex but still "regular" situations.

Flex Pipes > Circuit Pipe - solving of irregular pipe works

Irregular layouts can be solved by drawing Flex Pipes (FP) manually on the top of a preliminary inserted Layout Grid (LG) object. FP is similar to Polylines but is parametric and behaves like physical flexible pipe. Difficult layouts can be created by joining several FPs, continuing existing ones, inserting new vertices, arcing of straight segments, etc.
(Layout Grid (LG) is an auxiliary object to help unified layout over several rooms, too.)

To become "heating unit" each FP must be switched to Circuit Pipe (CP) status. Pipes remained in "pipe" status are taken as orphan pipes cannot be connected to Room and to Manifold so do not participate in later calculations.

Circuit Boundary > Circuit Pipe - combining regular and irregular pipe works

Real life design always requires combination of regular and irregular pipe works. The program provides 2 solutions to produce combined pipe works:

  • Associative pipe work of CBs can receive preliminary drawn FlexPipes as Connector Pipes attached to their flow- and return-ends and so to lengthen them till required Manifold.
  • Associative pipework of a CB can be switched to become "simple" Circuit Pipe  to enable free editing, lengthen, splitting and joining it with other pipe segments while getting to the required Manifold.

Multi-circuit generation in one step

Auxiliary Layout Grid (LG) object is parameterized to support generation multiple Circuit Boundaries (CB) by a single click. Using of this opportunity will result in required number of pipe-length equalized circuits considering the pipe segments driven to Manifold as well.

Room Heating, Flow Rate and Pressure Loss calculation

To enjoy calculation capabilities you have to create intelligent parametric Rooms (RM) and to insert Manifold (MF) objects as well. If you do that and make all necessary Circuit / Room and Circuit /Manifold linking the program will execute Room Heating, Flow Rate and Pressure Loss calculations resulting due Report Tables.
Calculations provided by UFH PipeWork are rather "checking" than "design" calculations and may require special considerations regarding fulfillment of local standards.
"Checking" approach means that in case of inadequat results you have to adjust the graphical design and then have to repeat the calculations.

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