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UFH PipeWork Download Page
Read Instructions of this Page carefully before Download and Installation!


Using in Trial mode >        Prices and Payment >       Transferable License     


Regardless you want to use Trial or Perpetual license you have to use the same install file and installation process.
Installer(s) can be downloaded from this page deploys UFH PipeWork application as AutoCAD bundle(s).
This method introduced by Autodesk is a preferred method of AutoCAD Add-in installations.

You can store and unzip the downloaded file anywhere on your computer to achieve the
  installer file. Double click on the file name to start installation and follow the instructions of appearing dialogs.

As a result of this "bundle" installation method UFH PipeWork Add-in will be automatically attached to ALL(!) AutoCAD copies (including verticals like  ACA, MEP, MAP) have been installed and start on your Computer!

The application will be installed to the C:/ProgramData/Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins directory into a
"HorcsikCAD UFHPipework2016.bundle"
sub-director besides all other add-in using this "bundle" technique.  

After installation you have to re-open your AutoCAD to see a new UFH PipeWork tab in the Ribbon menu and your AutoCAD will display UFH PipeWork message dialogs including its Licence Manager messages!

Know issue

In some cases you - e.g. after uninstall and re-install - it can happen that you do not see the UFH PipeWork tab in the ribbon menu even if it can be seen between the Partial Customization Files in CUI editor.

Use the MENULOAD command to Unload the UFHPIPEWORK menu group and then immeadiately Load in the HuHcUFHpipework.CUIX file . Please be careful to select the cuix file in the "current user" directory:



Required AutoCAD settings

UFH PipeWork works properly ONLY in drawing files having Decimal > Millimeters as Units setting.
In case of using existing (or third-party) drawings with other Units you have to rescale them or have to use them as inserted and scaled Blocks or Xrefs!

Protected by Web-based License Management

UFH PipeWork Add-in - even in TRIAL mode - is a protected application controlled by its WEB-BASED LICENSE MANAGER SERVICE (WLMS)!
First time you start the "extended" AutoCAD you must be Internet-connected and have to initialize your  TRIAL or PERPETUAL license by using the following dialog:

TRIAL Licence

Starting of TRIAL period will display a simple Registration form to ask your Name and Email address. After a few time you will get a confirmation e-mail with a proper Link to click and activate your Trial License this way.

  • Trial mode requires permanent Internet connection to use the product!
  • Trial Licence enables a 15 days trial period with limited number of "active" UFH objects (5 Circuits, 1 Room, 1 Manifold).
  • Trial Licence cannot be used in multiple computer

PERPETUAL (Paid) Licence

You will use this Option in the next 3 typical cases:

  • If you are a new Licensor who has bought the program and wants to use it immediately in full operation mode
  • If you have bough a Multiple License Package enabling e.g. 3 concurrent activations and now wants to activate a further Lincense on an other computer
  • If you have activated your Perpetual License already on a "primary"  computer. However you installed the program on a "secondary" computer, too, and now you want to transfer the Licence to this computer. Please note that to make it "importable" preliminary you have to export (return) your Licence to the Server by using the Export Licence to Server function in ribbon menu on primary computer.

Activation of PERPETUAL Licence assumes you have already a valid LICENCE ACTIVATION KEY and can enter it into a next dialog.
This 36 digit long Key will be delivered by Hörcsik CAD after completing payment process (currently Pro-Forma Invoice based bank transfer).

  • Perpetual License ensures unlimited operation in time and in functionalities
  • Perpetual License enables a repeatable 3 days long Internet-unconnected period. At least on each 3rd day you have to get connected to restart this grace period!
  • Perpetual Licence is portable license enabling to use (Import) the License on several computers but only on a single computer at once. In order to do that first you have to Export the Licence from the primary computer back to the WBLMS Server. Importing will need only the Licence Key but will be allowed only in case of preliminary Exported (returned) licence!
  • Perpetual Licence can be bought in multi-copy package on multi-copy price

CANCELING the dialog

You can click the CANCEL button on the dialog to skip UFH PipeWork License activation. This means you have installed UFH PipeWork add-in but have no valid/active license (e.g you do not want to start your 15 days Trial period, yet).
In this case you will get warning each time you start your AutoCAD about missing License but you can use your AutoCAD "as it was".
You will get warning only in case you want to start an UFH PipeWork command from its ribbon tab.

To remove UFH PipeWork ribbon tab and get uncontrolled by its Licence Manager you have to Uninstall the application by using Programs and Features tab of Windows Control Panel.


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