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UFH PipeWork Prices and Payment
Pricing policy and accepted payment methods

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Hörcsik CAD - UFH PipeWork Add-in product can be obtained by downloading it from this website.

Usage with  Trial License is free of charge but limited and require preliminary registration managed by the installed program itself. Using UFH PipeWork in Trial mode >>

Due to the web-based license management system Licences are registered on License Owner basis so you can buy multiple copies by a single Order.

Currently available first commercial version of UFH PipeWork is 2015 and 2016 version compliant, which means that in case you have both AutoCAD (or their verticals) running on your Computer the program will be added to both AutoCAD automatically. Also the program detects and manage 32-bit and 64-bit platform of hosting AutoCAD automatically.


UFH PipeWork 2016 ver2.5
AutoCAD 2015 and 2016 compliant 32-bit and 64-bit


Trial Licence (15 days, limited to 5 UFH circuits)

Perpetual Licence (1 - 5 pcs/Order)   400 EUR /each
Perpetual License (6 - ... pcs/Order)   300 EUR/each

Charging of Value Added Tax (VAT)

Please note that in case of Orders got from Hungary we have to charge  additional 27% VAT in released Pro-Forma Invoice. For business clients from EU countries (giving valid EU compliant VAT Reg.number in Order Form) and for clients from "third contries" (outside EU) we can invoice the product without VAT.
For private clients from EU countries (having no EU compliant VAT Reg.number) we have to charge additional VAT according to local (country) rate.

All possible Hot Fix and/or Improved version of UFH PipeWork 2016 will be available free of charge for all Perpetual Licensor.
Web-based Licence Management system will inform all Licensors about availability of such new versions.

Order management and payment process

1.) Please send an Order Email to Hörcsik CAD with the following form:

Order Form

Product details
No. of Ordered Perp. Licenses*:
Invoicing and License registration details
Contact person name*:
Contact person email address*:
Company name*:
Company address*:
VAT registration number:
Shipping details (to send printed final invoice)
Company name:
Shipping address:

2.) Based on your Order Email Hörcsik CAD will send you an Order Verification Email first.

3.) After successfull verification you will get a Pro-forma invoice (in PDF) should be paid via
     bank transfer.

4.) After getting the payment Hörcsik CAD will deliver you with Licence Code(s) necessary
     to activate Perpetuate Licence(s).

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