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Extremely fast and precise - AutoCAD based - Reinforced Concrete Design application

Hörcsik CAD Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of VBexpress in Hungary.
If you are interested in this application from outside of Hungary, please contact the Developer directly.

VBexpress is an AutoCAD based application to develop rebar assembling plans of Reinforced Concrete (RC) structures. It works by using intelligent parametric objects developed with the very effective Object ARX developer tool.

VBexpress works in 2D but thinks in 3D. "Primary" - or parent - view of a Rebar can be its floor plan or any of its elevation (section) view. All other views of the Rebar are taken as "Referenced" copies having automatic and vice-versa associative  relationship with each-other.

VBexpress is on Hungarian market since 1998.
With its more than 500 sold licenses this is the market leader RC design application in Hungary.
Most recent version: VBexpress 12 (compatible up to AutoCAD 2019)


Tamás Müller, MüllerProg Ltd., Pécs, Hungary

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